Make your bookmarks useful.

We believe in minimal effort. So forget about trying to organize your bookmarks, or hunting through a jumble of titles trying to find that one page you just can't remember.

Bookmark away, just like you normally would. Froggy will extract the text from the page, and add it to a searchable database.

Froggymarks Chrome bookmark extension

Click Froggy to search. Your bookmarks are much easier to find, since you're not just relying on the scant words of the title, but on the content of the web pages themselves.

There's no need to categorize when you have good search. That's our theory.

You can easily remove bookmarks when you're done with them. That's all the "bookmark management" you'll need.

Like we said, minimal effort. Make your computer work for you for a change.

Get it now for Chrome.

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